3CX VoIP Phone System. Installed by Computer Rescue. Relied upon by you.
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Simple, Robust, VoIP

VoIP provides unmatched flexibility. 3CX phone system has the ability to use both your existing phone lines and voip lines to create a redundant, reliable, voip solution with an auto back up.

Cisco - Yealink - Konftel - Polycom - Snom - Granstream 3CX is compatible with all leading IP / SIP Phones.

Tired of paying Cisco lisc and support fees? Put in a 3CX server and keep your Cisco 7960 series phones. Yealink provides great IP phones if your looking for new ones.

3CX works with the latest phone system technology. Below is a diagram to explain "How does VoIP Work?" You can always email us at helpdesk@computerrescuesa.com or call us at (210) 366-4811.

VoIP Plan

VoIP Phone Service can be a great and very cost effective solution for your business. The features that it comes with are very flexible and powerful. To verify reliable call quality you need to do some basic planning.

Computer Rescue Provides Gigabit Speed Phones with Blue Tooth and Touch Screen Features.

A hosted solution needs to have a site survey done. Test the internet speed of your computer network. Verify how many people will be on the phone at the same time. Verify that you have proper network cabling to every location where you have a phone. If properly implemented a 3CX System will be a great investment.

3CX Call Center Edition

3CX provides a full call center edition. This includes call reporting and call recording. The call center edition is included with the PRO edition, but is a add on for the basic edition. A 3CX call center is cost effective, powerful, and can integrate with your existing customer management software.

Integrate your phone system to work with your existing CRM.